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Date: Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 12:38 PM
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Dear ASR members, dear Go enthusiasts !
Summer season has been heating us up with some big Go events among Go camps, tournaments and championships here and there.
Recently was held in Oberhof (Germany) the EGC 2017 (with more than 1,000 registered participants) and right after the USGC in San Diego (California/USA) ! – Therefore we saw a decrease in gaming activity in the ASR League, as some of you might have been busy in real life absent from the computer.
Considering the situation, the ASR Team decided to extend July league for another two month (August + September), giving the chance to a maximum of its members to play the minimum of 4 games.
For those who have already reached the active status, you have been automatically added into a new seasonal event; the ASR Summer Sunshine contest, see more details …
Take the chance to play there actively enjoying some more game reviews for your personal Go studies, beside the monthly ASR League.
The ASR Team has been busy last months on its own with relevant work for ASR’s future. Read more about the latest post on ASR’s website: “From the Office Desk: ASR’s new Independence” – :
  • 61st European GO Congress (EGC)
  • Go teacher workshop by EGOTA (European Go Teacher Association)
  • ASR’s new web-based teaching room with video / audio live stream (alpha test)
  • ASR’s own Chat server (with 4 rooms + instant messages) operates since 1st Sept
  • new PM system (private messages + email notification) operates since 1st Sept
The ASR members (and guests) can now use the chat and PM features to plan their games efficiently and independently from KGS client !
All active players who are registered for the September league (rookies + monthly ASR league + Summer Sunshine contest) will receive a direct email with all the relevant details how to use them.
Today we gave access to 24 newly registered members, and 5 rookies who became regular ASR league members. The placement league division of September league shows 22 players in the list now; plenty of options to play your 4 games till 30th September 2017.
If you want to use the private chat channels + pm system, simply re-register to become an active player in the monthly ASR league ( ) or send a ticket (without login):
Remember to check the ASR Info & Support Center for any documentation and private support. There no registration nor login is needed – .
Have a great time with the new communication features organizing your league matches as there is no more long waiting times for an opponent in the KGS room. – The ASR Team wishes you a great time playing Go in late summer 2017 !
Warm greetings from Hangzhou (China)
Guillaume D. (aka litchee)
– The ASR Team –
/ ASR – Advanced Study Room /
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