Boosting Level A of ASR GAME planner: new Private Message (PM) system up 24/7

Dear ASR members, dear Go fiends !

The ASR Game planner prototype is taking shape. We know you are all waiting (since longer) to get your hands on new communication features to become more flexible in your game plannings (ASR-GAME-Planner-Logo_315-74-framelesswithout the need to visit the KGS Go server all the time).

Today we are very glad to announce that the internal Alpha tests for the Private Message (PM) System are finished and that it’s now fully operational !

The new PM function system is integrated into ASR’s official website since 1st September 2017, available to all registered members for communicating with their ASR fellows … and supporting them to organizing ASR matches more easily !  – Only registered ASR members and active players (who play the monthly ASR league) can use it after ‘safe login‘.


Mind that you can receive also email notifications when new PMs are coming in (Rec.: Setup via settings options). Between two messages to same peer mate is set a time delay of 5 minutes to avoid spamming, see all features in ASR’s knowledge base here.

For faster conversations in real time (face-to-face) the new ASR instant chat channels are ready for you to use. Visitors and guests are also welcome in the very new ASR Go Cafe (accessible without login).

Below is the introductory video made by JayR (one of the ASR Team core member) to guide you through your first steps using the new PM feature :

Why is the PM message system a prototype version ?

The tools design & ergonomics are still work-in-progress, before we integrate them into “one”. We will collect data on how the ASR members (>535 registrations) will use the tools, how much they will use them, how frequently etc … This analysis is in prevision for fully adapted tools and mobile release in the near future.


Discover and enjoy ASR’s new communication tools ! – We are counting on your feedback to guide the developers improving the services, features and functionalities for you.

Check out the ASR Info & Support Center for any documentation (ASR chat rooms + PM system for instance) and use the direct support service if any questions or remarks (via ticket system and/or live chat support). – No registration nor login is needed.

We hope you will have a great time with the new comm features  !


Warm greetings from Hangzhou/China
Guillaume Douron (aka litchee)
– The ASR Team –
/ ASR – Advanced Study Room /

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