The brand new ASR Go Cafe (public chat room) has opened …

Dear ASR members, dear Go enthusiasts and friends !

The first two tools (out of three) of the ASR GAME Planner prototype are now fully operational ! – Get new opponents more easily with the private message (PM) system + new chat rooms (outside of KGS Go Server) !

ASR-GAME-Planner-Logo_315-74-framelessJayR (one of the ASR Team core member) setup a stand-alone IRC Chat server during last 3.5 weeks shortly after he came back from EGC (European Go Congress) 2017 in Oberhof.

Originally we wanted to hand over the PM + chat tools to you in the first week of August, but a new script conflict between the integrated chat plugin and Java required a new start from scratch. The benefit having waited: the chat channels run independently from the ASR website on an own IRC Chat server. – Much faster, stable and safer !

Available now 24/7 are four (4) specific ASR text chat channels (public + private) where you can share and watch videos together, and have instant message talks (one-to-one) with your peer mates:


The private chat channels are accessible only for registered members (after login) and with a specific key ID while the “Go Cafe” is the virtual public meeting point for everyone, as well for the registered members and for the visitors & guests. There is no registration and no login needed to access this public chat channel.

(A) Take a nickname – (B) click the start button ! – That’s it. (Rec.: specific Info & help pages here.)

Newbees, Moonmen, Guests, Chess players, Seniors, Go teachers …  everyone is very welcome to discuss, learn about the Go game & culture (e.g. Asian food, music, Go events, tournaments) and about the different ASR projects (e.g. monthly ASR league, Rookie Challenge Contest, ASR Summer Sunshine Contest). – Come in (virtually) to ASR’s new GO Cafe !

Why are PM message + Chat channels prototype versions ?

The tools design & ergonomics are still work-in-progress, before we integrate them into “one”. We will collect data on how the ASR members (>535 registrations) will use the tools, how much they will use them, how frequently etc … This analysis is in prevision for fully adapted tools and mobile release in the near future. (Rec.: We are already testing a purely web browser based chat system.)


Discover and enjoy ASR’s new communication tools ! – We are counting on your feedback to guide the developers improving the services, features and functionalities for you.

Check out the ASR Info & Support Center for any documentation (ASR chat rooms + PM system for instance) and use the direct support service (via ticket system and/or live chat support). – No registration nor login is needed.

We wish you great and inspiring talks in the brand new ASR GO Cafe !

Warm greetings from Hangzhou/China
Guillaume Douron (aka litchee)
– The ASR Team –
/ ASR – Advanced Study Room /

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