China: 2017 Shanglv Cup International City GO Tournament (27 Oct – 1st Nov 2017)

From 27th Oct to 1st Nov 2017, China’s biggest amateur Go tournament “Shanglv Cup International City GO Tournament” will be held in Hangzhou, China.

exterior-view-Tianyuan-TowerThe Shanglv Cup is more than an international tournament. This unique Go event is embedded in a cultural Go program along with the annually International Go Culture Conference, annually (see some pictures of 2016 event).

venue: Hangzhou’s Tower of Go (Rec.: About the Tian Yuan tower see last year post)
address: 2-6 Qianchao Road (Qianchao Lu), Jianggan (2-6) Jianggan hangzhou, China, 310020)

Guillaume Douron aka litchee (4 Dan CWF – Chines Weiqi Federation), the team manager of ASR – Advanced Study Room will again compete in this very big event. It takes place in Hangzhou, the city he lives with his Chinese wife since more than three years. Guillaume will play the main tournament (9 rounds).

Schedule 2017 …


There are other side tournaments, e.g. male  and female doubles doubles, male and female mixed doubles, family doubles and children’s tournament (below 10 years’ old).

In order to encourage more foreign Go Players to participate in, the organizer (Hangzhou Branch of China Qiyuan) decided to undertake entire accommodation fee staying in 5-star hotel. Transfers from airport/train station can be arranged.

Guillaume is in contact with the tournament organizers, If you wish to register please fill the following Invitation letter (pdf download), send a ticket here where you can attach the signed PDF or use the contact page.

Take the chance to meet Guillaume D. personally, he is looking forward to meet with you !

Rules for the main tournament:

The game uses the latest rules of competition issued by Chinese Weiqi Association.

Each Side has one hour main time and 3 x 20s overtime. Arriving late more than 30 minutes will be judged as loss.

All players will be divided into Group A and B to play totally 9 rounds. When finishing all 9 games, the player from Group A will play the player in Group B with the same place to decide the final place.

The winner has 2 scores and the loser has 0.

The group place will be judged by the results of all players from the certain province/country. If the result is a draw (less possible though), there will be a rematch.

Invitation Letter 2017

Welcome to Hangzhou …

欢迎来杭州 – Huanying lai Hangzhou
(Welcome to Hangzhou)

Hangzhou has been 2200 years of history since the Qin Dynasty, which was Wu Yueguo and the Southern Song Dynasty capital. It is one of China’s seven ancient capitals. Because of the beautiful scenery, it is known as “paradise” reputation. More about its history here.


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