announcement: small Server upgrade on 29th September 2017

… herewith we announce to the registered ASR members (>540) and visitors of ASR’s official website  www.advancedstudyroom.org that we upgrade the ASR server (Debian Linux 8 / Apache2 / MySQL) to give it plus 100% more storage / disk space:

Start: 2017-09-29 03:30 pm UTC (= 05:30 pm CET)
End: 2017-09-29 03:50 pm UTC (= 05:50 pm CET)

It will be a very short upgrade from 20 GB to 40 GB disk space and your visit should not be tackled too heavily. During the above window the server team will be performing maintenance.

Info & Support Center on Mobile
Info & Support Center on Mobile

Expected Impact: The server team expect there to be no noticeable impact, however; ASR’s members who like to login or visitors may experience brief periods of increased latency and a small amount of packet loss lasting up to 15-20 minutes as traffic is re-routed.

Approximately 20-30 minutes prior to the maintenance we will post an update on http://status.advancedstudyroom.org and periodic updates will follow as work progresses.

Do not hesitate to contact us via the ASR Info & Support Center, which runs independently (being hosted in a data center in Amsterdam/NL) if you have any additional questions or concerns. You may do so by opening a ticket for which you don’t need to login or register for sending.

Happy Go gaming !

Warm Regards,
The ASR Team

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