tutorial video: How to use the new ASR Information & Support Center ?

Hello dear ASR fellows and Go friends !

After pre-releasing the ASR Information & Support Center beginning of June 2017, here comes the official introduction video created by JayR on how to use the integrated ‘knowledge base‘ & ‘ticket system‘. This self learning system runs in a data center (in Amsterdam) on an autonomous server for more than 510 ASR members around the globe, and for new visitors on the ASR website.

This tutorial video is the last step before gradual phasing-in of the ASR GAME Planner, with start on 16th July 2017 …

Sailor JayR
Sailor JayR

… and it is the first official appearance of JayR (front camera) after more than 13 months of intensive work in the back office ! – For those who wonder who is this mysterious person, have a look at the ASR team page .
He is working closely with me since beginning June 2016 on the project and takes care for the resorts (strategical) marketing, content and player support, thus the ASR Information & Support Center is mainly his creation and office 🙂

JR is an honest person (born 06/1964) and he is very dedicated in what he does (no only in Go). He taught me a lot in the past year and I am sure he will continue in the far & close future … with benefits to the international Go family.

You might have met with JR already in the Advanced Study Room on KGS Go server under the nickname “LinuxGooo”.

I am very thankful to him and I hope you will enjoy his short video introduction !

Sincerely yours,
Guillaume D. (4 D CWF)
– The ASR Team –
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