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ASR event – Guo Juan’s two teaching games with karnickel 1D – February 2017

February 2017 was the turn for Kirstin aka “karnickel” (1 Dan) who was winner of November league 2016 ! – Lucky Lady ! – Congrats 🙂 (see post of 4th December 2016 here:Advent season: NOVEMBER prizes… teaching games with Guo Juan in December“)

Guo J. commented live via audio channel during the teaching game. The full stream cast (1.5 hrs) for your Go studies is online – cost free !

In February 2017 we had the pleasure to see karnickel (1d), winner of Alpha division in November 2016, having not one (1), but two (2) teaching games with miss Guo Juan (5 Dan Pro) in a row.

During the games the teacher explained her ideas and thinking process for the audience while the student had turned the volume down. – In following review you will learn how important it is to play your moves in the right order and the crucial value of power in the center of a Go board.

The first game finished quickly after karnickel lost control of the center, and therefore the control of the game.

In second game (which starts at 46:25) you will see a classic battle; territory versus influence with the teacher in the role of converting her power into profit. In the review afterwards Guo Juan gives her advises and show her techniques on how to use walls efficiently.

Always something to learn for a wide range of level, best for 10k to 2d.

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Following material underlies CC license (BY-NC-ND)

Language: ENG
Moderation: Guillaume Douron (4 Dan CWF)

Teacher: Guo Juan (Pro 5 Dan, China)
Go Student/ASR League member: GoDave89 (1 Dan)

Date: 13th February 2017  (01:00-02:45 pm UTC)
venue: ASR Game Room @ goKGS – Online Go server

Time stamp: Second game starts at 46:25

 THIS VIDEO IS OF HIGH RESOLUTION QUALITY (HD) you can read the chat comments with. – Enjoy your GO studies.

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The Game as KIFU (SGF format):

Download SGF


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