Test: how well ASR sites work across mobile and desktop devices

Since 3 weeks now the very new ASR Information & Support Center is up, hosted on an own server (cloud mysql, context-aware software) outside ASR’s regular website (wordpress/apache2/mysql on debian linux 8 server).

We take a look at the performances (e.g. page speed, Java Scripts, plugins, CSS etc. ..) of both platforms. From a detailled analysis we can learn that the official ASR website and its subsidiaries need improvements. Following test results (extract) indicate where the pages have potentials to be optimized. 


detailled reports (only downloadable for  ASR Team members) :

As consequence we – the ASR Team – proof to install by our programmers a page speed module (pre-built binary package for Apache) to automate self optimizing processes to give it a boost asap.



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