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ASR Information & Support Center
new: ASR Information & Support Center

As you might have noticed since a couple of days you have access to the new ASR Information & Support Center (release: 1st June 2017).

We are bundling all information to one place so you can access quicker all relevant data about the ASR – Advanced Study Room and its (monthly) ASR League and/or other events and contests… completing it with a dynamic “ticket system“.

The new “Sitemap” gives you quickly a full overview about the new content structure. – It is very easy to handle.


While the ASR Information & Support Center is public, we keep some relevant parts on the ASR website (accessible after login) to guarantee data privacy, e.g. game records / results and game archives. After login the ASR members get access to such info via the “Kaizen Deck” (personal profile page).

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Easy orientation by using the SiteMap ! – Printable Pdf + latest updates see .


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