Important mail: ASR gets new email server + addresses – bookmark & whitelist !

… last night we sent out to 501 registere members following email via the ol gmail account. But Google blocked it, as it seems we have overstepped now the limit (of max. 500). We will send out folloing relevant info in smaller blocks (each 100) next 4 days. 

———- email message ———-

From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (league) <image-asr-gmail-1>
Date: Sat, Jun 3, 2017 at 12:40 AM
Subject: ASR gets new email server + addresses – bookmark & whitelist !
To: … 


Dear ASR members,

our global community counts now >500 players. What a great progress in last 11 months, with a plus of >180 %. – Tks a lot for the trust you gave in us who run this project since 06/2016. 

Global also means different time zones, and finding your ASR mates for a game can sometimes be challenging… therefor we have pre-announced (end of April) the new GAME planner – .

Now, the relevant IT infrastructure is setup. – It is one of the final steps before servicing you with a new prototype of game planning tools (including live chat, PM system and calendars).

Today the ASR Team has the pleasure to announce you that the new EMAIL servers are up. – Please read about it here: 

Therefore, further communications via this Gmail address will stop, from now on. 

To avoid that next emails (e.g. announcements, newsletters, reminders etc. …) going directly to your spam folder, please take notice of our post on ASR’s website above, see upper link.

Pick up from there – within the pdf – all new addresses ( we only will use from now on own … @ advancedstudyroom… domains) and add them to the “white list” of your email client/provider. Its quickly done.

You will receive later today/tonight the first email newsletter from ASR’s new mailbox, as the new league month June just has started regularly (on 2nd of every month at 12:00 am UTC). – Tks giving attention to.

Sincerely yours,
Guillaume Douron (aka Litchee)
– The ASR Team
/ ASR – Advanced Study Room /


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