ASR Team hits Global One-Year Anniversary ! – Thank you to 507 ASR members.

On 29th/30th June 2016, the ASR project was handed over by former volunteers to the new owner Guillaume Douron (4d CWF/5d AGA). The historical roots of the ASR – Advanced Study Room can be dated back earliest on ~2002.

The ASR Team (core)
The ASR Team (core)

Since end of June 2016 a plus of 184.83% new registrations has been noticed.  (Rec.: In average the ASR league system counts 27.41 new registration monthly. Under given circumstances the ASR Team came close to its self given benchmark of 29.67 registrations monthly within one year period.)

In total, this international & unique community of Go players counts today 507 registered ASR members. The new league month will start on 2nd July 2017 – 12:00 am UTC.

Best wishes for celebrating the 1st anniversary ! – Thanks to all Go friends, supporters, partners & well wishers around the Globe.  

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