ASR event – Guillaume’s LOST Reviews (ASR live channel – 05/18/2017)

This is a special ASR event which was held by Guillaume Douron (ASR team manager) for the first time live on ASR’s YouTube channel.


(Rec.: Actually because of some technical reasons (ip-ban / IP block by goKGS server) – probably because of using VPN to overcome China’s Great Firewall – the reviews had to be re-recorded offline (again). The ASR Team is working (and already testing) a robust solution for the future (probably then outside of goKGS). We apologize for the inconveniences/delay.)

The six games being reviewed by Guillaume (4d CWF) were played in the monthly ASR League of May 2017.

The main issue coming out from those games: lack of Go fundamentals. – It is typical for Western players because Go is not deeply rooted in their culture (compared with Go in Korea, Japan and China). Most players are learning Go by themselves – at a later age … while Asians have access to Go schools with top Professional as teachers at the early age of 3 years old.

Not knowing fundamentals is like jumping into a lake without having learned how to swim !

Therefore these game reviews focus on important situations giving insights about opening patterns, fighting shapes and techniques (tesuji-s).

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Visit the new ASR Information & Support Center !

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*Note: The video has been split into two (2) parts due to YouTube’s length limitation (max. 1 hr).

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Following material underlies CC license (BY-NC-ND)

Language: ENG

Teacher: Guillaume Douron (4 Dan, France/China)
Content: Six games reviewed which have been played by …

1. gebees, 8k (B) vs. NinjaJestr, 7k (W)
2. gerryg, 7k (B) vs. GoDave89, 1d (W)
3. felino, 4k (B) vs. hagane, 4k (W)
4. gerryg, 7k (B) vs. GoDave89, 1d (W) (2)
5. hagane, 4k (B) vs. Lilou, 2d (W)
6. Brandon, 3d (B) vs. gerryg, 7k (W)

Date: 18th May 2017  (01:00-02:45 pm UTC)
venue: ASR Live Youtube Channel –

part 1 of 2 …

part 2 of 2 …

SGF version to download:

Download SGF

Visit the new ASR Information & Support Center !
Visit the new ASR Information & Support Center !

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