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pre-release: It is done… ASR’s new GAME planner (prototype) ready in full function.

20th April 2017
(original source: “My GAME Planner“)

ASR’s new GAME Planner (prototype) for your desktop is ready and will be available very soon to all active ASR league players. – The ASR team just now is in the editing process for a tutorial video … ready in some very few days. (P.S.: The ASR Team is already testing a prototype of a mobile app version (android + iOs) as overnext step.)


ASR-GAME-Planner-Logo_450-80-framelessGet more easily a new opponent !  –  As league member, you will have full access to ASR’s new GAME Planner. Easily you can post in the gaming calendar your own time slots, very soon.

With ASR’s new GAME Planner let know your Go fellows (> 480 ASR members) when you are available for playing your games in the league divisions (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Placement) or for the Rookie Challenge Contest.


All ASR members then will get an email notice 12-24 hours before the start time of your slot. Also (or alternatively) you can syncronize in ‘real time’ the gaming calendar on your desktop. – So it will be quicker to find your opponents.

With ASR’s PM (private message) tool and text chat (live) – on same page as the calender feature – you can speed up easily your direct communication. You will receive email notices about new PMs coming in (see settings) while being offline. You won’t waste time waiting too long on the KGS Go server anymore.

We will inform all our ASR members by direct email as soon as the GAME Planner is in function available 24h x 7d !

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