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19th April 2017
(source: Service Review  – Feedback)
Welcome to ASR’s new service feedback page for the ASR members ! – Thanks for stopping by.  The ASR Team appreciates that you take your time to give us valuable feedback (one time or repeated).

This page is mirroring individual feedback of any kind (positive + negative critics) from our members – currently >480 registered Go players. (Rec.: We thank all for their friendly permission to publish it as extract/short form to public.)

Having feedback from ASR’s global Go community is of great relevance. Sharing ideas, reviews, opinions, feelings, needs and desires give perspectives on what ASR’s future could look like !

Your feedback is supporting the process to identify where improvements can be made to ASR’s services for all members (active + passive players, Go teachers, (technical) supporters, donors, partners etc. …).

The ASR Manager: Guillaume D. in Tournament room (Tianyuan Tower / Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Guillaume D. (ASR Team manager)

Actually, a huge part of time the ASR team invests in the ASR project is to plan and (re-)organize again and again, to create a stable and competitive platform in the Go world… as the ASR team, volunteers, Go teachers + players are learning from each other in small steps.
The ASR team revisits and updates regularly its plannings with new strategies to  make sure to introduce new developments that you have noted as “most urgent”. Long term targets have higher priority than short term targets.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible as stated from beginning since the ASR team overtook the project last year (see public statement in July 2016). The evolution of an interactive dialogue between “ASR” and its members over time follows ASR’s Vision & Mission statement.

Feel free now to post your personal feedback ! (click on the button “create your own reviewhere) – Re-visits by ASR members are very welcome.

by Madoka on ASR League
ASR League and GAME Planner

Hi, i like to play in asr , it's fun and I learn a lot from my game with review or giving review . I like to play against all ranks... good atmosphere in the ASR League.The game planner is a good idea to simplify the organizations of games.  I look forward to use the GAME Planner.

by SeventhSea on ASR League
ASR's new GAME Planner

That GAME Planner is a very good idea. - I figured it'd be difficult to get games sometimes but this is an absolutely fantastic idea!

by fr1d4yn8g0 on ASR League
Good news ...

fr1d4yn8g0: Hi... just to say the game planner is a good news and will be welcome. I'm having a lot of trouble finding opponents. I ask everyone everytime I see a potential opponnent connected, but they are almost never available for playing :( ASRLeague: Tks. Yes,thats one idea behind the game planner... view more

by gebees on ASR League
new game planner tool ...

gebees: Good, keep it that way... I'm excited about that game planner. Ready except for the testing? - Or ready period. ASR League: we need to make now some tutorial vids to give orientation how to use this tool gebees: I definitely need that. Hope it's used. Hard to catch people all over the world... view more

by Kaneki on ASR League
Helping & Talking ...

I haven't played that much as I was trying to improve myself lonely a lot before being more active in the ASR league.It is quite cool to play with different players even with the difference of rank as you can help them to improve by giving advices. It will be more interesting when I reach the last league... view more

by Sofiam on ASR League
progress ...

It improved a lot, congratulations ASR League: Thx ! - Only the top of the iceberg ...

by chris85 on ASR League
Content & features ...

there is lots of nice stuff on the web side

by Charlie1 on ASR League
ASR league as supportive learning platform

IIt´s very fun, everyone seems so helpful :-) Learn a lot ASR League [-]: we work on steadily to keep this ASR spirit alive :-) and progress it. Its the core essense of ASR members to support each other as much as possible

by ritz on ASR League
progress in Go studies

asr work is good to me, good spirit, it's the easy way for me to progress. asr has potential, so i will support it.

by MrNoName on ASR League
You are all intelligent people there...

If you make that really well.. i mean ASR could be really big in go :).. its already big in KGS :) I wish you best of luck.. you are kind people that wanna help :) . U should succeed You are all intelligent people there... i am sure you come up with a better idea than me :D.. u can just take the... view more

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