NL (No. 007-0217): Vision/Mission statement, league month March, Rookies, defect KGS games archive

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From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (league) <image-asr-gmail-1>
Date: Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 1:10 AM
Subject: vision/mission statement, start of league month March, rookies, defect KGS games archive
Dear ASR league members, dear Rookies, dear Go friends !

… since last seven (7) months the ASR team is in duty we have seen a big improvement in number of visits + visitors on ASR’s website, see former “from the office desk” post beginning July 2016 – .

(A) The visits on ASR’s website increased from 231,103 to 1,588,068 = +587%, the visitors from 20,980 to 101,382 = +383% ; a relatively plus of 42,27 % (ratio: visits / visitor). 

Statistics-ASR-Screenshot-WebServer-Stats-02072016-1 arrow_outline_red_right-small Statistics-ASR-Screenshot-WebServer-Stats-01032017-1.jpg
Big thanks for your interests in ASR – Advanced Study Room.  It is really motivating for the ASR Team to see such numbers.

(B) From ASR Team side we like to present you today ASR’s brand new “Vision and Mission Statment“, as since longer announced. Read all details here:

We please you to give your feedback, critics and opinion about it on the ASR forum:

(C) The March league is ready to play in time from 2nd – 12:00 am (till 31st March – 24:00 UTC). – Find your camarades in your division and start to play ! –

We like to see you all being active in March as we have seen it with the Beta division in February…

!! Mind that the KGS game archive is still down. Keep tagging your games with #asr and then upload the sgf files to the ASR forum, see detailed procedure here –  !!

(D) What a fantastic engagement ! – We welcome now the rookies dangulica, benzen, Ezrah, genji, querty, micronesia, MrNoName, soniamaria and ViktorM newly as regular ASR league members. – Support them in their first steps playing in the ASR placement league division 🙂

Tks giving attention… have a great beginning of new league month !

Warm greetings
The ASR Team
/ ASR – Advanced Study Room /

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