From the Office desk… traveling from China to France !

Dear Members of ASR, dear Rookies, dear Go fellows !

In February, the ASR office will be in France !  – I have been missing French cheese and bread for too long as well as my family & friends of course. Visiting them will give me (and my stomach) a break from China’s challenging way of life. (I miss my lovely Chinese wife now… sigh)

The trip with flight from Hangzhou via Guangzhou + Paris airports to Montpellier in South France close to Mediterranean sea/Marseille took more than 20 hours. Landed safely on Tuesday  morning (7th Febr).

Since last “from the office desk” post in September 2016 we have been working on the given tasks and while some of them are still in progress, some are in the last preparation stages (e.g.: Individual game planning tools & application page).

Without to forget that ASR’s official HQ is in France (see editorial), this one month trip (with flight back on 4th March to Hangzhou) will not be only holidays. Me and the ASR team are planning to push the project forward with following steps:

  1. Meeting with French lawyers for different legal aspects (e.g.: legal form, representing & protecting ASR’s interests).
  2. Consulting for registration procedure to give ASR a formal legal status. Having a legal identity will open new development possibilities like: donation campaigns (eventually with tax free status), hiring brain power (IT experts, coders, volunteers), sponsorship and much more…
  3. Meeting with the HR team member who lives in France to prepare the HR structure fitting best our targets.

Those three (3) steps are very relevant for ASR’s future, realistically it will take more than one month to finish all, but face-to-face meetings have some different qualities than working purely in a “virtual environment”.

Besides the main focus about laws and administration listed above, we are also working on the following:

We keep working on for the existing ASR league and Rookie Challenge development, e.g. live broadcasting of teaching game with Guo Juan on 13th February.

The very relevant vision  & mission statement I took with me in my luggage as final version will be published next days.

A very busy month overall but with great land behind the horizon soon in sight !

We remind you that the ASR – Advanced Study Room is made by and for its global community, we encourage you to give feedback and critics in our ASR forum. – Thx for reading this far !

All the best from Montpellier, France
Guillaume Douron – 4 Dan CGF (aka litchee)

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