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(monthly) ASR League: How to play a game ? – Easy setup in 4 steps

source: ASR guidelines

For now all games in the ASR league + Rookie Challenge are being played by the members in the Advanced Study Room on KGS Go Server. After you have registered cost free a new KGS user name (using the CGoban3 client with no file association from here) and also registered cost free on ASR’s website you will get within 24 hours a confirmation email by the ASR team and you can start playing your games in the monthly league / rookie challenge.

Following screenshots show you how to start a new game … its simply four (4) steps:

1.) ASR has an own room on KGS. – Login with the KGS client and join the Advanced Study Room by selecting it from the room list lessons

2.) Open the “Advanced Study Room tab“, click there on the “Custom Game” button, and configure your ASR game setup.


  • subject: “game only for ASR league… placement division
                     (for Rookies: “game only for ASR members… Rookie Challenge“)
  • Board size:  19 x 19
  • even games (no Handicap)
    minimum playtime:  25 min. main time + 5 x 30 sec. byo-yomi
  • Rule set:  Japanese

For alpha, beta, gamma, delta + placement league divisions we advice to play “free games“. Rookies can play “ranked games” so far the opponent of Rookie Challenge has maximum difference of 5 ranks as it is limited by KGS.

! Unhook “open list” to avoid this game appears in the “open game” list as it will attract players who are not ASR members !

3.) You will then see your game listed in the ASR room… check out your potential opponents in the player’s list of relevant ASR league division (placement, delta, gamma, beta or alpha) or Rookie Challenge before you accept the game. – Only games played against members of the same class/division are counted in the results. 


4.) Your game must be tagged in game chat during first 100 moves, otherwise it won’t be counted by the ASR system. – At least one of the players must write “#ASR league” (or as short form: “#asr” / “#ASR“) in the game chat at the beginning of each game.


The tag #asr assures that the automated system finds the game, and that the results are counted. If both players forget, please upload the sgf here. A member of the ASR Team will upload it manually.

Play minimum 4 games per months to stay in the ASR league. – Enjoy your Go studies !

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