Newsletter (No. 004-1116): new teaching games, bots, game planning tool and more…

… the 4th official email newsletter to all ASR league players, in total 376 registered members.

Former newsletters, reminders in the archive here:

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From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (league) <image-asr-gmail-1>
Date: Wedn, Nov 23, 2016 at 03:30 am UTC
Subject: new teaching games, bots, game planning tool and more…
To: ASR League players…


Dear members of ASR,
dear Go friends,

After post-poning the teaching games with Guo Juan (5 Pro) the last two months (under given circumstances there was no other choice) we can pre-announce today two concrete teachings in December + two (2) more in January 2017.

Guo-Juan-playing-a-duckOn the 5th and 12th December we will have the next live teaching games with Guo Juan… with the league winners of September + October, namely GeorgeW and Syxok ! (Rec.: The teaching games with the winners of November and December then will be played in January 2017, see the results page to make your individual prognostics.)

As the ASR team is in midth the preplannings for coming year – we are also very glad to inform you that the ASR – Advanced Study Room will have Guo Juan to continue in 2017 within a new mix of formats. More infos about end of the year.

Dont miss to review past ASR teachings; they are all recorded and available in the archive here: https://www.advancedstudyroom.org/study-go/videos/

Some more good news …

  • secure-socket-layer-imageThe ASR team developes the IT platforms (debian linux web server + apache server + mysql databases) further on. Shortly we have switched the whole website to SSL (Secure Soccet Layer). Now your personal datas you exchange via web browser with the web  server are safely protected.
  • The new SSL certificate allows us to start concretly the “beta tests” for the game planning tool (= pm (private messaging with email notification) plus live chat and calendar functions) on ASR’s website ! We will send to all an email invitation to participate as beta testers with the specifications next days.
  • As you might have noticed on the team page, the core of the ASR team has expanded to four.asr-team-core-112016-1

Special event …

The Go world is facing another robot uprising after the Alphago event in 03/2016; legendary Cho Chikun (9 Pro) is facing a new artificial brain named Deep Zen Go. Feel free to review the first two games which were played in Tokyo  on 19th Nov and 20th Nov.  Can beat Cho Chikun the bot in 3rd game to take the win 2:1 overall on 23rd November (03:30 am UTC) ? – Follow it live …


Also Alphago was announced for a new challenge early in 2017, see Google Deepmind.

We wish all our league members (for now >375) great Go games in the last week of November ! – Keep active for your personal Go studies.


Warm greetings / The ASR team
– ASR – Advanced Study Room –

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