new guideline: registration procedure for playing in the ASR league

published first on 10th Oct 2016

New membership guidelines in preperation …

The Future of Post-human Sports: Towards a New Theory of Training and Winning by Dr. Peter Baofu (Cambridge Scholars, 2013 - Social Science)
The Future of Post-human Sports: Towards a New Theory of Training and Winning by Dr. Peter Baofu (Cambridge Scholars, 2013 – Social Science)

Actually the ASR Team is working on a new membership guideline for the ASR – Advanced Study Room and the ASR league.

We are very aware about, that for now the ASR website is very unclear and confusing (by its structure and content). These pages have been overhanded on 29th June 2016 to the new ASR Team by former volunteers who are no more involved in the project.
Before the team works on a complete re-launch to give the whole web presentation a coherent structure some analytical work shall be done, e.g. with systematic reviews of the datas which are generated since months by continuously PR work, web tracking and feedback elements (e.g. reviews, polls) coming soon.

Further on, the ASR Team likes to learn from international experiences of existing league systems, international projects and also is taking access to guideline libraries, related documents online, tools and resources… learning from modern aspects of mind sports and other branches (e.g. education, health care).

The ASR Team is in contact with international working groups to enhance a steady guideline development and effective implementation.

Such new member guideline shall guarantee for the ASR league players and Go students (actually > 330) a clear understanding about the targets of the ASR (Study Room + league), some relevant procedures (e.g. application and conditions of admission, league design and rating, prize givings) and conditions (e.g. membership forms and status (active / passive), donations and others).

Simply to say: a new membership guideline gives on hands a set of rules or instructions that show or tell how Go studies and gaming should be done as member of the ASR league.

A first extract of this work-in-progress is the participation guideline:

The ASR Team will take a look at each registration individually. There is no automatic process behind. The proof can take up to 24 hours till the applicant receives a confirmation email. Two different categorization are the evaluation basis:

(A) passive ASR league membership (getting at least an own profile page on the ASR website)

(B) active player status (which fulfills the conditions of admission to play monthly in the league divisions)

We hope for your understanding for this manual check, as we like to ensure for our global community of Go students to avoid spammers, sandbaggers and players of very low activity.

Since far more than a decade, playing in the ASR league is a commitment – Being available to compete in a friendly and competitive environment is a sign of respect for the other participants.


As soon you have a stable rank and having played a minimum number of games which document your interests in serious GO studies you will get access to the gaming zone in the placement division of the ASR league. – You are always welcome to register to be at least passive member to support the ASR spirit in other forms than playing (e.g. teaching, game reviews, volunteering or donations).

Conditions of admission for active player status:

  • As minimum we ask for 20 ranked games in total (against ranked players) before the registration is being confirmed, no matter how old your (KGS) account is. It gives the ASR league players orientation – at least an idea about your strength as soon you start playing actively in the placement league division.
  • Games against bots are not being counted.
  • At least 10 games in the last two months – free or ranked – are expected to demonstrate that your own KGS account’s activity fits the minimum of four (4) games which are required monthly to stay in the ASR league as active player – from month to month. – Same here: games against bots are not being counted.

Hope to see you soon as member ! – Enjoy your Go studies !

P.S.: Some interesting material to read is part of the volunteer’s work for the ASR project you might be interested in: “The Future of Post-human Sports: Towards a New Theory of Training and Winning” by Dr. Peter Baofu (Cambridge Scholars, 2013 – Social Science)

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