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The ASR Future begins now: 1st official letter to all ASR league players …


This official email letter was sent today by the ASR Team and it’s Team manager Guillaume D. (4 Dan CGF) to 243 registered league players. – As we suppose it is the first letter of it’s kind in ASR History here it is re-printed 1:1 to ensure, that all Go players take notice of it (and wont be overseen being trashed in the spam folder by some email providers). – Your critical feedback is very welcome.

From: ASR League <image-asr-gmail-1>
Date: Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 7:25 AM CET (03:25 PM CST Local Time in China)
Subject: Monthly league games, ASR future, teaching with 5 Pro Dan

Dear ASR League members, dear Go friends !

First of all, I want to thank you for being part of the ASR league. I am pleased to see many playing with passion and dedication, from month to month in our five (5) league divisions (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, placement).

In June (this year) I took over the responsibility for the ASR league, see my posts of last weeks here:

Herewith I want take the opportunity to introduce myself more in details, please see my own vitae:

As you probably do not know, ASR has an history which dates back its origins in 2002. It is a 14 years long web history with – at the best time – more than 300 active players ! Since the revival in spring 2016 we counted more than 230 new registrations. (Rec.: As a reference in Netherlands there are ca. 800 players registered with 300 active players.)
ASR had tough times behind. We have seen different stops and reboots. we are now in it’s 6th generation at least. ASR – Advanced Study Room made it through successfully each time like fighting through a long Go game.

I am very aware of that the ASR league community is still small, and that it demands patience from you to find opponents. We are working on solutions (e.g. private message system + calendar function and more) so it will become easier for you in the following months.

Actually we only can count 20% of all players having played in August. It is still two weeks to play your minimum number of four (4) games. See monthly statistics:

A GO league is only as strong as its members. It needs you ! – Now ! – With your devotion and support the ASR league will have a great future again. The best you can do is what you (probably) love most: Play Go actively… and make the ASR league a lively community !

In the ASR Forum you find a new place where you can request for game reviews… please take a look:

Right now, we are in the challenging situation to reorganize the ASR league for making it a better (virtual) place and giving it a promising future in 2017. This needs some time and “clean up” that you might have noticed over last 6 ½ weeks on the website.
We – the ASR Team – believe that ASR has stronger potentials to bring dedicated people together from around the globe. Shortly we opened the page for volunteering where you can apply to bring in your competences:

I have the trust that with you all as unique league members of the ASR – Advanced Study Room, the passion for Go is still alive. – Let’s build the ASR future by active playing, together.

Heartful greetings from China/Hangzhou
Guillaume Douron (aka litchee)
– Advanced Study Room –

P.S.: Live lecture (audio) with ASR teacher Guo Juan (5 Pro Dan) on 18th Aug. (Thursday). Infos here:

Contact the ASR Team easily @ Website:



READ & print out as DINA4 page letter
or download as PDF for offline reading


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