Since 03:00 am CET the ASR server is up ! – Maintenance protocol closed…

After a full backup of the Debian Linux 8 server (with Apache, MySQL and WordPress) the ASR Team pressed the resize button shortly after midnight  at 01:11 am CET.

screenshot-resize-01-11-20-18082016-3It has been a long night shift; two hours later, after a full analysis of all system functions, the protocol book is being  closed. The ASR server has a new (virtual) home !

With the latest two hours check, it seems that the ASR league system, content management system, ASR Forum and auto-backup systems… etc, are all working properly now with 80% more capacities (RAM + Cache) with the first server upgrade made by the new team around Guillaume D. (aka litchee) … also thanks to the support team of our provider, who hosts the ASR platform in Singapore (cloud based data center).

Have fun with GO ! – Enjoy your stay as league member in our 5 divisions (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, placement).

The ASR Team

P.S.: Remember the teaching with Guo Juan (5 Pro Dan) on 18th August 2016 at 08:00 pm CET (Europe/Berlin) = 06:00 pm UTC = 02:00 pm Canadian Time (Toronto). – More details, see the ASR Calendar.


1 thought on “Since 03:00 am CET the ASR server is up ! – Maintenance protocol closed…

  1. ASR’s Debian Linux 8 server runs smoothly now for first 13 hours after upgrade… the graph shows that its under low load… as monitored in real time. It was worth a long night of IT work… daily autobackupping of the whole system (databases, WordPress system, league system) works perfectly too this morning.
    Debian Linux 8 Server - 13 hours Monitoring


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