… and the winner is: JULY review + prizes (for 7 league members).

Dear Go friends, dear ASR members !

As expected, in July league we saw a decrease in activity probably due to live events such as the EGC (St. Petersburg) and USGC (Boston), the 1st Go Congress in Japan (15th-18th with the Osaka Go Camp) and many more (national) summer camps.

Yet in the Beta league division there were only seven (7) games played during the month, see statistics in comparision to the total league results in July:

Actually we had to fill some free places in different league divisions for August, see post “7 wild cards“. Actually it became 12 lucky you.

7 (+ 5) wild card winners for 3 divisions:

Since I overtook “ASR – Advanced Study Room” end of June 2016 we are working intensively in the back office on solutions to give our league members an easy way to find more quickly an opponent and schedule their games safely. – Please see my latest post “From the Office desk… Magic 28 – the Moonshine life of ASR“.

Prizes & winners list:

I had to announce in one of my first posts that – because of very low frequency of donations – the book prizes are temporary stopped and had to be replaced by audio go lessons from Guo Juan’s Go school (5 Pro Dan) until further notice. So we have to proceed for July as we had to do for June.

Here are the winners within different league divisions – Congrats !

  • alpha-symbol-1-small – Alpha 1st :  GeorgeW won a teaching game with Guo Juan (5P Dan) red-arrow-left-small-15pt audio live on KGS Go Server
  • alpha-symbol-1-small – Alpha 2nd : Skyywalker won 3 audio Go lessons.
  • beta-symbol – Beta 1st : Meruem92 won 3 audio Go lessons.
  • beta-symbol – Beta 2nd : Etienne won won 2 audio Go lessons.
  • 11395265height150width150gamma-symbol-small – Gamma 1st : Geser won 2 audio Go lessons.
  • 11395265height150width150gamma-symbol-small – Gamma 2nd : Flowachild won one audio Go lesson.
  • delta-small-18– Delta 1st : NH3CH2COOH won one audio Go lesson.
  • Placement League 1st : ymran went up to beta-symbol (Beta).
  • Placement League 2nd & 3rd : Yeastbeast + Lilou both went up to 11395265height150width150gamma-symbol-small (Gamma).

All audio go lessons are taking place at Guo Juan’s Internet Go School. logo-guo-juan-school-logo

All winners should get in touch with me (aka litchee) before the 15th of July to get their prizes. (Rec.: You easily can use the contact form on the ASR website here I get a copy directly via email.)

Please think about that if you buy Go materials and equipment from our partner Go Game Guru the ASR League gets a donate-safe-and-secure-button-072016-110% cut. – Buy a new Goban, Go stones or book series online there and it will support a safely future of ASR  – Advanced Study Room. We have expenses to pay (e.g. bandwidth + server costs, software license, legal advice, tax consultancy, programming/coding, design) as every NGO project has to.

It’s a win-win situation for both: you can progress in Go more easily, and ASR can live on by your donation ? – Check out other ways to support the ASR League.

See you soon in front of a go board ! Warm greetings from Hangzhou/China Guillaume Douron (aka litchee)

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