reminder for July 15th: Guo Juan’s teaching game coming close…

logo-guo-juan-school-logoHello dear Go lovers !

Here to remind you all that the teaching game between Guo Juan 5p and skyywalker – as announced last week – will take place online on KGS on ; more details on our new Event Calendar.

After the game review Guo Juan will offer a quick 15min lecture ! – Don’t miss it ! – See you all there on Friday 🙂

Greetings, Guillaume D. (aka litchee)

P.S.: Luckily ASR’s teacher is back on earth safely. Guo just was sky diving in Canada. Very cool and brave GO lady, isnt ?

Guo-Juan-back-on-earth-13072016-2 Guo-Juan-back-on-earth-13072016-1

You get more photos and a video about on her FB profile here.

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