June overview and prizes

Dear ASR league members ! … good news first. This month was the most challenging of all since the revival of ASR league in spring 2016 ! We saw an overall activity up to 54% with more than 350 games played !

Click to see June stats.
(Rec.: You find all monthly statistics here.)

6 Dan Su Yang (aka Jeff) ...
6 Dan Su Yang (aka Jeff) …

Also Guo Juan (5 Pro dan) is offering to ASR short lectures after her monthly teaching games, you can find the last one in the study section .

Remember, that the the next lecture with Su Yang (aka Jeff) will take place on in our room on KGS Go server !

Changes are coming as Climu preferred to leave his admin role as he will be flying to Japan shortly (see this post tomorow for more details). As a celebration for this awesome month, the website crashed after the rollover on Friday morning (Euoprean Time) ! – Now it’s all fixed, feel free to play ! Thanks to all the players and teachers, and congrats to the winners !

Prizes :

  • Alpha winner : Syxok won a teaching game with Guo Juan 5p !
  • Alpha 2nd : Skyywalker won a go book !
  • Beta winner : GeorgeW won a go book !
  • Beta 2nd : Samspade won won 2 audio go lessons !
  • Gamma winner : Meruem92 won 2 audio go lessons !
  • Gamma 2nd : Etienne won an audio go lesson !
  • delta winner : Shisu won an audio go lesson !
  • Placement League winner : Koksik went up to Beta !
  • Placement League 2nd&3rd : Timostar1 and Anatoliin both went up to Gamma !

All audio go lessons are taking place at Guo Juan’s Internet Go School. All go books must be chosen in a $18 budget at Go Game Guru shop. Winners should get in touch with me (aka litchee) before the 15th of July to get their prizes.

See you soon in front of a go board !

Warm greetings from Hangzhou/China
Guillaume Douron (aka litchee)

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