From the office desk: one week in my new “job” as ASR manager


Dear Go fellows !

This (first) week with ASR league in my hands and ful responsibility had been intense.

My very important, and one of the biggest goals short term is to communicate more efficiently with you all. So I could understand your needs, expectations, likes and dislikes.

I intend to set up a good basis for a better communication with all league members, the active players same as former members and visitors.

That’s why you will see from now – beside the existing ASR forum – more interactive dialogue features on the website (e.g. search function, event calendar, social medias (Twitter, Facebok page + FB group, Google plus, reddit), Youtube Channel and contact form + RSS Feeds)… in the near future some more will come (e.g. polls, email newsletter).

As you might have noticed in the ASR forum the discussion of an idea I have decided yesterday – after an internal test during some days – to setup the ASR-RTC (Real Time Communication) project which will run over next months as beta test. Hope you like the idea, that soon ASR might get an own audio / video channel (for the simple use with a browser) which can make game reviews and teachings more easy for all league members.

Design-2-Statistics-ASR-Screenshot-WebServer-StatsAnother important issue is to create a safe environment (technically and legally) for the league members, e.g. to guarantee data privacy. So you will see now that there is a ReCaptcha at login. It was a bigger security hole… which is closed now safely to keep your accounts protected and protect the system against spam/hack attacks.

Last item which has been relevant from first day since I overtook ASR – see my post on 2nd July – the balance in our bank account is still very low. Thanks to some generous donators who came in last days we shall survive a little longer 🙂 . On bottom right corner in the sidebar menu you will see the running web statistics (visits, visitors etc. ….) to get an idea what is going over last 4 month (since April 2016 the website is up).

Guo Juan being challenged by a Duck Dan...
Guo Juan being challenged by a Duck Dan…

Guo Juan (5 Pro Dan) is still around with us until the end of the year servicing the ASR league with her teachings. Very soon she will give another lecture in our room. Especially for this month (July) the top 2 players (syxok & skyywalker) agreed to trade their prizes. That means this month it is skyywalker‘s turn to get a bite of our favorite teacher.

The teaching game with Guo Juan will take place on . After the game review will offer the room a quick 15min lecture, more details see the Event calendar. You can bookmark it there easily with one click into your own Google Calendar or as iCal.

Soon I will ask for your advice concretely on some important questions as you are the first concerned. – So don’t miss it to keep an eye on the website more intensively on following weeks !

That’s all for now – enjoy the weekend ! Guillaume Douron (aka litchee)

P.S.: Here you can see some picture of my last weekend (3rd July 2016) in a Chinese “Go club” I played against a female 6 Dan. In China they don’t really have Go clubs as we have in Western part, because for them playing Weiqi (Go) is usually not for fun. Mostly they have schools to study.

Such places as I went are called Tea Houses. Its kind of a restaurant actually, but you can play many games and drink tea of course 🙂



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