documentation of ASR lecture by Su Yang 6d (07/02/2016)

Su Yang

Here is a great lecture by Su Yang 6d (aka Jeff Chang) ASR League prested for you (cost free) on 2nd of July 2016 – after the vote by its league members in June.

The topic is: “finding the right moves in middle game / running fights”. Enjoy the lecture ! Have good games & fun Guillaume D. – 4 Dan (aka litchee) from Hangzhou/China


Download SGF


P.S.: Just to mention that Su Yang is looking for private students, please contact him directly via his email: suyangjanne-at-gmail-com (or send a PM message on KGS Go Server to his account Finnish8d). For young talented students there will be special discounts, email him and introduce yourselves with your current achievements, and some kifus to prove you are talented !

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