Boston University Campus (Massachusetts, USA)

Boston: 32nd annual US Go Congress (part 1 + 2: 07/30-08/06/2016)


Saturday : July 30th, 2016
Sunday : July 31st, 2016
Monday : August 1st, 2016
Tuesday : August 2nd, 2016
Wednesday : break
Thursday : August 4th, 2016
Friday : August 5th, 2016
Saturday : August 6th, 2016

2016-b425ba3d6ce92b1bbca9a1df7a3e8102c664a5a8ceed4e01a09164b4d92bf787The US Go Congress is the largest go activity in the United States. It happens once a year and spans one week. Events include the US Open, the largest annual go tournament in the US, professional lectures and game analysis, continuous self-paired games, and all kinds of go-related activities from morning to midnight. Come for the go.

Come for the camaraderie of old friends. Whatever your reason, we are looking forward to seeing you there.

Registration Opens!

Registration for the 2016 Go Congress is open!

The organizers of the Boston Go Congress are very excited to welcome all attendees, we’ll be doing our best to provide lots of fun Go activities and an overall great experience.

Please check back regularly for more updates on tournaments, activities, attending pros, and more.

This year, the policy for minors is more stringent, please contact the registrar to make sure that you have completed all procedures before Go Congress.

Walther Chen Director, 2016 Go Congress


P.S.: AlphaGo keynote!

We are very excited to announce that AlphaGo team members Aja Huang 7d and Hui Fan 2p will attend Go Congress and give the keynote presentation at the opening ceremony (7/30)!

After the presentation, there will be a short Q&A session. We expect a lot of questions to be asked of AlphaGo team, so we are pre-collecting questions to sort out the most popular and make this Q&A session more efficient.

Please leave your questions at:


If you’d like to participate in these tournaments, please register as a player. Non-players may observe only. More tournament information will be available soon.

Name Open? Director(s) Eligibility
9×9 Tournament Open Audrey Wang All
Diehard Tournament Open James Peters All
Evening League Open Andrew Hall All
Lightning Go Open Keith Arnold All
North American Pair Go Championship Open Todd Heidenreich All
PandaNet City League Finals Invitational Steve Colburn
Redmond Cup Finals Invitational Justin Teng Youth under 18
Senior Cup Open James Peters Seniors turning 55 or older in 2016
Under-16 Girls Championship Open Ted Terpstra Girls under 16
US Open Open Matthew Hershberger, Becci Torrey All
US Open Masters Invitational Matthew Hershberger
Women’s Tournament Open Lisa Scott All women and girls
Youth 9×9 / 13×13 Open Devin Fraze, Paul Barchilon Youth under 18
Youth Lightning Open Devin Fraze, Paul Barchilon Youth under 18

Who is Coming?

There are 577 people registered, including 234 kyu players, 240 dan players, and 27 pros. Also, 170 other people have not finished their registration. A payment of at least $70 must be made before attendees of an account can appear on this list. Attendees with a child registration plan will not appear on this list. (status: 30th July 2016 – 02:00 am CET)

Are you coming? Please register!

 Pos. Given Name Family Name Rating Country Registration Date
1 Guiyong Liao 9 pro CN 13 Jun 2016
2 Myungwan Kim 9 pro US 5 Apr 2016
3 Yun Feng 9 pro US 1 Jun 2016
4 Yilun Yang 7 pro US 10 May 2016
5 An Yan 7 pro CN 22 Apr 2016
6 Mingjiu Jiang 7 pro US 5 May 2016
7 Sojin On 7 pro KR 28 Jun 2016
8 Maeda Ryo 6 pro JP 15 Jun 2016
9 Youngil Ha 6 pro JP 15 Jun 2016
10 Juan Guo 5 pro NL 17 May 2016
11 Yasuo Sakamoto 5 pro JP 19 Jun 2016
12 Dahye Lee 4 pro KR 28 Jun 2016
13 Yi Tang 3 pro CN 26 Apr 2016
14 Ailin Hsiao 2 pro TW 23 Jun 2016
15 Jennie Shen 2 pro US 1 May 2016
16 Fan Hui 2 pro FR 15 Apr 2016
17 Shuang Yang 2 pro CN 28 Mar 2016
18 Jie Zhou 2 pro CN 13 Jun 2016
19 Gansheng Shi 1 pro CA 1 Jun 2016
20 Mingming Yin 1 pro US 25 Apr 2016
21 Eric Lui 1 pro US 29 Apr 2016
22 Cathy(chen shuo) Li 1 pro CA 25 Apr 2016
23 Ryan Li 1 pro CA 8 May 2016
24 Hanchen Zhang 1 pro CN 28 Jul 2016
25 Calvin Sun 1 pro US 3 May 2016
26 Zhiyuan Liu 1 pro US 27 Apr 2016
27 Zirui Song 1 pro US 14 Jun 2016


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