7 Wild Cards for August – start of monthly ASR league postponed 24 hrs

final stats of 07/2016
final stats of 07/2016

It’s end of July. The monthly league will finish tonight. Just two hours till 02:00 am CET Monday morning… and the statistics already give a clear picture: with a total registration of 122 players the ASR league came close to June (with 131 registrations).

ASR league design
regularly rotation system gets in August 7 Wild Cards extra

Yet during summer season and holiday times the ASR manager Guillaume G. (aka litchee) had expected less activities… as it is reflected by ~260 games which have been played in all league divisions (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Placement). In comparison with June (362 games) its a reduction of 28% activity.

Mainly the Beta league showed in July very low activities with just 2 players who fulfilled the minimum of four (4) games to stay in the league system. After a detailed proof the decision is made to fill the holes missing players for August in Alpa an Gamma by giving seven (7) Wild Cards.

Guillaume calculating the 7 Wild Cards
Guillaume calculates 7 Wild Cards

Mainly from the Placement and Delta division seven players who played in July will get the chance to climb up more quickly than the regularly rotation system would allow. – Lucky Go folks in August !

As it requires some detailed calculations (manually) of the results to match same the number of played games, the win/loss rate an the ratio of own rank against the opponent’s rank, it will take some time for a precisely evaluation to address the lucky one who will receive a Wild Card.

Therefor the start of the August league will be postponed for one day All old and new league members can begin with their games on 2nd August at 12:00 am GMT. The results will be published couple of hours earlier in the archive here:

Pls go over there before you start your fist game to see which league division you will be settled in. – Enjoy your games in 08/2016 !

4 thoughts on “7 Wild Cards for August – start of monthly ASR league postponed 24 hrs

  1. Hello,

    It seems I have disappeared from the listings… This is unfortunate, I did my best to finish 6th in Delta 🙂

    Could you add me back?

  2. Dear Dominique !
    As you already might have noticed in the ASR Forum to your posts there ( see ) since today your player account for the ASR league has been banned temporarily because of different reasons.
    Meanwhile you should have received a direct email the ASR Team sent to you.
    We hope for your understanding.


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