May prizes

This month had been more balanced with a little less activity overall but about half players active in each classes and a great 100% actives in Alpha ! Only Gamma was a bit shy with just 40% actives.

Click to see May stats.
We also had great lectures with Antti Törmänen, Li Ang, Guo Juan and Thundergod. You can find them lectures in the study section or help us edit the sgf on the forum

Thanks to all ASR players and teachers for this great month and congrats to the winners !

Prizes :

  • Alpha winner : Silkroad won a teaching game with Guo Juan 5p !
  • Alpha 2nd : Litchee won a go book !
  • Beta winner : Syxok won a go book !
  • Beta 2nd : Skyywalker won won 2 audio go lessons !
  • Gamma winner : Calis won 2 audio go lessons !
  • Gamma 2nd : Joenosai won an audio go lesson !
  • delta winner : GeorgeW won an audio go lesson !

All audio go lessons are taking place at Guo Juan’s Internet Go School.
All go books must be chosen in a $18 budget at Go Game Guru shop.

Winners should get in touch with climu or litchee before the 15th of May to get their prizes.


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