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ASR event – Guo Juan’s 3rd teaching game with Silkroad (2k) of June 2016

Guo Juan 5p gives monthly teaching games to the winner of ASR Alpha class. This is the third game of the season 2016, taking place in the Advanced Study Room on KGS.

In May 2016, Silkroad defeated every other player of Alpha class at least once in a runaway victory. This means he won a rematch with Guo Juan 5p which took place on 10th June 2016 !

Silkroad has an influence-oriented playing style and with 3 handicap stones he could go into his favorite kind of games; getting a lot of strength in the center, aiming to attack severely when the right timing comes.

In this game you will see how our teacher kept control over the center, opposing flexible stones to the strong groups of Silkroad. However he managed to pull up a very strong attack and you should fasten your seat belt for the final blow, where a huge capturing race started, leaving no other choice but to eat or to be the meal.

For those who missed the game, here it is below !

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Following material underlies CC licence (BY-NC-ND)

The game as KIU (SGF format):


Download SGF


After this exiting game Guo Juan gave a review where she explains different tactics to build or reduce big Moyo and how to use thickness. Let’s give a huge thanks to her for offering a short bonus lecture after the game where she explains details about double pincers !

The review and lecture :

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