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ASR event – Guo Juan’s 2nd teaching game with Silkroad (2k) of May 2016

Guo Juan 5p gives monthly teaching games to the winner of ASR Alpha class. This is the second game of the season, taking place in the Advanced Study Room on KGS. This month,  Silkroad 2k firmly won the top league and therefore played a 3 stones handicap game with our teacher. This game has been very center oriented, as it is Silkroad preferred kind of playing, and you will see how a professional player handles a huge center influence; by eating a lot of stones, but still in a friendly atmosphere ! For those who missed this event, Guo Juan gave us permission to record and post it, so here it is !

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The game :


Download SGF


In the review following the game, Guo Juan tell us concepts about fighting and how to play when your groups get cut; First, don’t be swallowed and follow the shapes ! She also shows classic patterns in corners, especially how to avoid typical mistakes and how to punish overplays, useful to learn at any level. Have fun learning !

The review :

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