Antti lecture was great… wanna support him ?

A few days ago a great lecture by Antti Törmänen 1p took place in our room.
It was quite a success as around 50 people followed !
He talked about the concept of thickness in Go through practical examples from pro games.
He explained to us the thinking process on how to use thickness in such a clear way that I am sure we all got new feelings about our own games !

The sgf of the lecture can be found in this forum post where you are all welcome to help us edit it.

For those who don’t know, Antti Törmänen was a teacher at the Nordic Go Academy who help a lot ASR with free lectures in the past. He spent some times in Japan as an insei and, in December 2015, he got promoted by the Nihon Kiin as a 1 dan professional go player !
He also have a go blog ; Go of Ten , where you can follow his go player journey.
In order to support his professional go career, he offers you to subscirbe to his Kifu newsletter and receive all professional tournament games he plays during a three-month period, with a brief commentary to each game !

For 20 euro, you get the kifu of all professional tournament games I play during a three-month period, with a brief commentary to each game. A minimum of five kifu is guaranteed.

Alternatively, you may buy the kifu and commentary to a single game for five euro.

That is quite a great content for the bucks !

1 thought on “Antti lecture was great… wanna support him ?

  1. Just one question…. where to get the SGF of this teaching ? Would be great one can upload it to the ASR Forum, if Antti gives permisson. Tks.


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