March prizes & league structure

March league just ended and we got +50% players this month !
However, we had a lot of inactivity especially in gammas classes.
So we changed the league design as explained below.

First lets thanks all ASR players for this great month and congrats the winners.

As you can see, we have new great prizes .

Prizes :

  • Alpha winner : Adamantium won a teaching game with Guo Juan 5p
  • Alpha 2nd : Litchee won a go book.
  • Beta winner : Silkroad won a go book.
  • Beta 2nd: blitzcore won an audio go lesson.
  • Gamma winners : samspade, rpchuang, and joenosai won an audio go lesson.
  • delta winner: nadavpe1 won an audio go lesson.

All audio go lessons are taking place at Guo Juan’s Internet Go School.
All go books must be chosen in a $18 budget at Go Game Guru shop.

Winners should get in touch with climu or litchee soon to get their prizes.

League structure:

Considering that lots of gamma players had really hard time to find games this month, we changed to only one gamma. The ASR pyramid structure is no longer relevent and we are now working like the picture on the side:

Detailed info can be found on our about page.

Since this is a transitional month, we had to adjust promotions/demotions. Feel free to ask us if anything seems odd or unfair to you.

Finally, April league is on. Sadly, due to technical issue, games are not displayed on yet. We are working to fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can keep playing and your games will be updated on once it’s done.

Let’s play and learn guys !

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