Li Ang 3p lecture

The Go world have been quite shaken this year…
You know what I am talking about… Alphago beating Lee Sedol…

Well… we heard some rumors that Dosaku, Huang Long shi, Go Seigen and Sakata Eio senseis might be back in Alphago’s mind.

Li Ang 3p thinks the closest is Go Seigen’s go theory, as he said “the stones they put on the board magically coincide”

He kindly agree to explain that in a public ASR lecture the in kgs ASR room. Let’s comes in horde !

For those who don’t know, Li Ang (李昂) is a Chinese 3-dan professional, instructor for the Beijing Youth Go Team and author of lots of go books. He plays as Lyonweiqi on KGS and offers lessons there.

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