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ASR lecture – “San Ren Sei opening” with Péter Markó (7D)

Markó Péter (7 Dan)
Markó Péter (7 Dan)

Here is the 1st ASR lecture with 7Dan Péter Markó (aka Thundergod), which took place shortly in the ASR – Advanced Study Room on KGS.

In this lecture Marko introduced the San-Ren-Sei opening (Starting with 3 hoshi points) through a tournament game he recently played against a strong European 7d and he kindly answered every questions ! More globally he talks about the moyo strategy.

Many people think that SRS is about building big frameworks in order to make big territory but actually it’s all about attacking. You invite your opponent inside your area of influence and attack him to make profit. For example, Takemiya Masaki, master of the San-Ren-Sei, was a really good fighter event though he is well known for his creative way of making moyo (big framework).

  Have fun with your GO studies !


Download SGF


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