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ASR event – Guo Juan’s 1st teaching game of March 2016 [live commentary by Guillaume D. / 3 Dan]

Guo Juan 5p gives monthly teaching games to the winner of ASR Alpha class. This is the first game of the season 2016 (live streamed on 18th March), having taken place in the ASR – Advanced Study Room on KGS.

About the game itself: the key was directions of play and attacking. Even though there was lots of fighting and groups being surrounded, strangely everybody lived happily.

In this video you will hear Guillaume .D (aka Litchee) speaking throughout the game about his ideas and feelings. This format is interesting for seeing the thinking process of a stronger player, it might inspire and help you in your own games. (Rec.: To mention that Guillaume .D (Litchee) has a playlist on ASR website with similar kind of videos, have a look pls here ! )

Later in the review [which starts at 1:29:35] you could compare with the point of view of our teacher Guo Juan 5p. There she speaks about philosophy in Go and teaching.  She also shows good directions, tesujis and classic patterns that often appears in games.

Interesting at any level. – Have fun studying GO !

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