December 2015 League Annoucement

In December 2015, usagi has joined the team and will be working hard to keep things well-oiled. In addition there will be several new prizes for December 2015!

ResultYou Can Win
Alpha (1st Place)3 months of KGS plus
Alpha (2nd Place)1 month KGS plus
Beta (1st Place)1 month KGS plus
Gamma (1st Place)1 month KGS plus

More exciting prizes will be announced for January 2016, so if you have been planning to get back into the game or work hard at improving, now is the time to join! Here is the League Announcement for December:

  The ASR league is a unique attempt to fill a valuable niche in the amateur Go playing community. We try to create a highly competitive system, accessible to all levels of ability, yet with something to offer and motivate each player to enjoy their time competing in the league. How is this possible?

Core tenets of the league

Teaching and Learning: With a spread of ability in the majority of the classes, there will always be stronger players to play and learn from, and weaker players that can be taught. At the end of each game, please take the time to review for the weaker player. If the players are of even strength, much can be learned by reviewing the game together. Interactivity and involvement: We encourage anything that involves any of the players more in the league. Ask for stronger players to look at your game, join other games and offer reviews if you have the time. *Be friendly to those in the league.* The points system rewards activity – even if you lose a game, you still get points. You can easily achieve a good class position just by playing a lot of games – the reason for this? We want people to improve as quickly as possible, and the motivation to play more games helps to achieve this.

Match rules

see rules tab for the board rules. Room: Games must be played in Advanced Study Room (under Lessons). You can also play games on OGS (please report results to usagi). You must play at least four (4) games per month to remain in the league, and you can play each player in your class or room two (2) times. Write “#ASR League” in the game chat within the first 100 moves for it to be counted. It’s very important you do this. We have a script that checks for “#ASR league” every hour and adds league games to the results. If its not there, it won’t register as a league game. Board rules games must have a minimum of 25 mins main time and at least 5×30 byo-yomi. Japanese rules set only. Games must have no handicap stones. Only games played against members of the same class and room are counted in the results. Only the first 2 games per month will be count against the same player.

League design

The tier/class system has a pyramid structure, and loosely looks like this: ![]( “”)


The league is made out of multiple layers;  Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. The league works with the pyramid system. The pyramid means that for every layer you move down you double in size of classes. So Alpha splits into 2 Beta classes, Beta splits into 4 Gamma classes etc. Layer sizes might vary according to the number of entrants we have that month. Sometimes we will have a different amount of classes of one layer. Delta is now 1 big group which is connected to all gamma classes.


The Alpha, Beta, and Gamma classes have limited membership of up to 20 members each. The Delta class is a “big-room” and does not have a player-limit. You can join the Delta class at any time, but if you speak with an admin before the start of the next month’s league we can sometimes seed dans directly into one of the upper rooms. If you are 1d or above and want to join, please speak with an admin for seeding.


Promotions and demotions are done according to room sizes. In general, the top 2 to 4 members will be promoted and the bottom 2 to 4 members will be demoted. The promotion strategy will be announced here: Alpha last place –> moved to beta room Alpha second last place –> moved to beta room Beta first place –> moved to alpha room Beta second place –> moved to alpha room Beta last place –> moved to gamma room Beta second last place –> moved to gamma room Gamma first place –> moved to beta room Gamma second place –> moved to delta toom Gamma last place –> moved to delta room Gamma second last place –> moved to delta room There are special rules in place for December’s league:

  1. Everyone who plays at least four games will be seeded into Gamma.
  2. If you play at least ten games you will be seeded into Beta.
  3. This is a one time event — Merry Christmas!


ASR League Prizes

The prizes for the month of December 2015 have been sponsored by usagi (me). I’d like to make this a very merry christmas holiday for all. As such, the winner of alpha will receive a 3 month KGS plus subscription and will become the new ASR Meijin. Here is a complete list of this month’s prizes; tell your friends to sign up! 1st place Alpha: 3 months KGS plus 2nd place Alpha: 1 month KGS plus 1st place Beta: 1 month KGS plus 1st place Gamma: 1 month KGS plus We are also beginning a new second-tier prize system called “ASR Points”. You can earn these points in exchange for doing reviews, giving teaching games, and for win-place-show positions in your class or room. Then you can exchange these points for *fabulous prizes!* Like books, T-shirts, KGS Plus, Go Software, and more! To kick things off, the top three winners in each room for December 2015 will each win one ASR point!


The Advanced Study Room has survived for over 15 years with the generous support of our members.  We need your help to promote Go around the world. We can use the money for advertising, for prizes, and to pay for the server and related costs of keeping the league well-oiled. We can always use more teaching games, since that really fits in the spirit of our League.   And no, you do not have to be strong to teach.  Even if you think you know nothing (very natural thought in the journey of go that we all are on), you know more than someone who is a bunch of stones weaker.  If you are able to help, please contact one of our admins.

Game of the Month

Keep an eye out for an exciting game, memorable, or especially enlightening game and propose if for Game of the Month. Please contact one of the admins with your recommendation. Thanks and enjoy!!!

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