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ASR lecture – “Let’s make Go easier” with In-seong Hwang (8D)



Teacher: In-Seong Hwang (8 Dan)

Topic: Let’s make Go easier !

Event: ASR League lecture with In-seong Hwang (8D)

Date: September 28th, 2014

This is the 3rd ASR lecture with In-seong Hwang 8 Dan EGF which took place in the Advanced Study Room on KGS. Go is a complex game and sometimes we think too much and get confused. In this lecture, as the topic suggest, In-seong Hwang, teach us how to see and think the game in a simpler way, effective to find good moves in all the different stages of a game (Fuseki, Chuban, Yose). He introduces his “1,2,3 reading” concept with many different kind of examples starting with life and death problems, then progressively continuing with opening, middle game and even endgame examples throughout which you will also learn tesuji and basic tsumego. A huge thanks to In-Seong for this awesome lecture !

Good to see at any level,

have fun studying !

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