Thanks to Baduk TV, baduk movies, Internet Go School, KGS Plus and all of our teachers!

Alpha 1st place:  hvk;  1 month of Baduk TV

Alpha 2nd place:  compgo74; teaching game with odhnis

Alpha 3rd place:  soutkin; teaching game with truestyle

Beta 1 1st place:  Shinichi56; 2 weeks access to baduk movies

Beta 2 1st place:  Sofiam; teaching game with Starstorm3

Gamma 1 1st place:  Edgeworth; 1 week access to baduk movies

Gamma 2 1st place:  andreyl; 1 week access to baduk movies

Delta 1st place:   raizel;  1 audio go lesson

Most active kyu player:  Tenshi12; teaching game with Litchee

Kyu player with the best record:   Hushfield; teaching game with clement44

Kyu player with the worst record:  Kenadi; 2 weeks access to KGS plus

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