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ASR lecture – “The Mini Chinese Fuseki” by Mathieu Delli-Zotti (3D EGF)

ASR teacher: Shinichi56, 4 Dan (KGS) 
topic: The mini Chinese Fuseki (opening)
format: text based (chat)
length (playtime): n.n.
event: free (all leagues)
date: July, 2014
place: KGS Go server 

The full Game (KIFU in SGF format) with 17.4 MB size you can download from here. You can open it easily for your “offline studies” with a cost-free SGF viewer/editor (e.g. MultiGo 4.0) to get it on your desktop screen.

Mathieu Delli-Zotti (aka Shinichi56) wanted to make a lecture about fuseki (opening) because it is the part of the game that he is most confident with and also because more and more players do not have any ideas what to play with black anymore.

Here we are going to study the Mini-Chinese opening classic concepts with some new variations that will help your games. From 20k to 4d. Have fun studying !

Part 1: introduction

A presentation of the Mini chinese opening:



Part 2: avoiding the pincer

The problem with this fuseki is that it is easy to avoid by pincering the approaching stone instead of simply enclosing. shinichi_chinese_01 Here the technique for Black is to attack the hoshi stone directly. This way White will be less likely to pincer.



Part 3: How to continue with Black ?

Going into the core of the lecture; now that you know how to set up the Mini chinese opening comes the big question: How do I continue with Black ? In this part our teacher shows many patterns to let you have a full picture of this opening strategy.



Part 4: How to continue with White ?

Learning how to do with Black is not enough; what if someone plays the Mini chinese against you ? what do you play as White ? Mathieu Delli-Zotti shows how to counter Black’s opening strategy in the last part of his lecture.



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