New Partnership with GGG ! – Choose the An Younggil (8 Dan) lecture theme !

Hey guys !

Today is time to celebrate a partnership with one of our sponsor: Go Game Guru.

I guess I don’t need to present you this great go blog/shop so I will only remind you that not only they generously sponsor us with 1 month of Baduk TV as a prize, but we also have an affiliate plan with their shop. Every sale from this link give ASR 20% cut.

We recently earn $8 with this affiliated program and we decide to convert the future huge ammount of money that will certainly come from this into some An Younggil 8 dan lectures ! And what is the best way to announce/celebrate such a great cooperation but to buy you guys a lecture from An Younggil ?

Younggil asked:

I want to know, what kind of lecture you want me to do. I can do some lectures about josekis, opening, middle game, life&death problems or Endgame etc. Or I can review the members’ own games as well. I prefer to review their own games, because it would be more useful and helpful. I can be able to review three games per lesson in that case.

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About Younggil An (from GGG)

Younggil is an 8 dan professional Go player with the Korean Baduk Association. He won the ‘Prize of Victory of the Year’ in 1998 for winning 18 consecutive pro games. After completing compulsory military service, Younggil left Korea to teach and promote the game Go overseas. Younggil now runs Younggil’s Go School in Sydney, Australia and writes at Go Game Guru. You can find Younggil on Google+ and follow Go Game Guru on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.


Younggil’s “games commentary” will take place on 8 Jul 23:00 (Europe/Berlin). So you have to choose now up to 3 games you would like to be reviewed here.


8 thoughts on “New Partnership with GGG ! – Choose the An Younggil (8 Dan) lecture theme !

  1. Personnaly, I prefer the 3 games review offer very much:
    -It’s Younggil’s favorite.
    -Game review cover everything: Fuseki, middle game, tsumego, endgame…
    -We allready have NGA doing general monthly lecture.
    -What I would like is a Younggil’s 3 games review every 2-3 month with games submission from alpha games. Could encourage activity and attract strong poeple). But we need more donation for that.

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    Please don’t do that. Then I have to check for IP with multiple votes and remove them by hand.
    I have way better things to do.

    edit: now I find a way to allow only 1 vote per IP.
    Please don’t cheat on that by changing you IP…


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