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ASR Game reviews – First session with Pericles (5D)

Dear Go friends, dear ASR league members !

This is the first session of weekly game reviews with Pericles 5d on KGS.

Pericles likes to do game reviews to help go players improve. He hosts a go blog where you can find lots of go resources (games commentaries, lectures…).

Since he was looking for some serious slow go games to review, he thought about to review ASR league games. For the first review he picked a game between Darkpoet (4k) and DrGoplayer (3k). It has been a very aggressive game by White, who attacked from the beginning till the end with weird moves.

In the review our teacher focused on the opening till early chuban (middle game). You will learn unusual moves in the corners and how to analyze them, directions of play and attacking strategies.

From 20k to 1k.

Have fun studying !


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