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ASR Go commentary – Huang Longshi vs Jiang Tianyuan – dubbed version – (originally by Planche 6D)

Today we would like to inform you about a well organized French go forum called GO.ON that has a nice collection of go material. They’ve recently opened an English section of their forum.

I am going to translate some of their content to make it available for English speaking people (you included;). GO.ON has kindly allowed me to post the translated content on the ASR site (Rec.: Originally from here.)

So this first translation is from a video commentary of an historical game, Huang Longshi vs Jiang Tianyuan, by Planche. In this game, Huang Longshi shows a very nice way to use influence. One should learn from his patience for gathering strength during the game and the way he uses it.


Download SGF


Here is a summary of the game:

Source : forum GO.ON (with their kind authorization) Agoon-80
From the section: group study.
Author : Planche
Translation: climu

If you have comments or though on this, please use the english GO.ON post.

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