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ASR Game reviews – 3rd session with Pericles (5D)

Dear Go friends, dear ASR league members !

This is the third session of weekly game reviews with Pericles 5d on KGS.

Pericles likes to do game reviews to help go players improve. Since he was looking for some serious slow go games to review, he thought about to review some ASR league games. This game is between Greenbean (1k) and Compgo74 (1k).

In this game they played the micro Chinese fuseki, which has been commented on Pericles’ Go blog here.Feel free to take a look for more variations and details.

For this game our teacher gives useful tips about shapes, positional judgment, concepts and how to punish overplays. From 20k to 1k. Also, another good website for all kind of fuseki is Cho Hye Yeon’s blog. We strongly recommend you reading her website. Cho Hye Yeon is a female 9 dan professional. Her reviews and explanations are always insightful. She is one of the very few pros dedicated to teaching amateurs via a blog, sharing new trends and new variations.

Have fun studying !


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