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ASR Game reviews – 2nd session with Pericles (5D)


Dear Go friends, dear ASR league members !

This is the second session of weekly game reviews with Pericles 5d on KGS.

Pericles likes to do game reviews to help go players improve. Since he was looking for some serious slow go games to review, he thought about to review ASR league games.

The game below is between klaas (6k) and GreyGhost (4k). They went through the game for review already together and the teacher was glad to that he SGF contained their questions and variations. That helped to figure out what kind of questions SDK have and what they are unsure of.

Our teacher Pericles detailed the early game talking about directions, josekis, trick plays and good shapes. He also showed ways to launch strong attacks from thick groups and during the early middle game showed patterns to make life as there happened a big center fight with lots of groups involved.

From 20k to 1k.  

Have fun studying  !


Download SGF


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