January prizes

Here come the prizes for January !

As usual, we would like to thanks our sponsors for making that happen:

Thanks to Go Game World, for helping us with subscriptions.
Go Game World

We also thanks GoGameGuru for donating subscriptions to Baduk TV.
Go Game Guru

If you are looking for equipment or books, have a look at GoGameGuru’s shop.

Thanks to Badukmovies for offering subscriptions to their pro episodes.
Baduk Movies

Thanks to KGS for donating KGS Plus subscriptions.
KGS Plus

And last but not least, thanks to the teachers offering teaching games: shinichi56, CGBspender.

Alpha 1st place: redreoicy – 1 month of Go Game World games + Review + Video subscription
Alpha 2nd place: queryo – 1 month of Baduk Tv
Alpha 3rd place: compgo74 – 2 weeks access to BadukMovies

Beta 1 1st place: Meepy – 1 week access to Baduk Movies
Beta 2 1st place: Eniwetok – 1 week access to Baduk Movies

Gamma 1 1st place: arararar – 2 weeks access to KGS Plus
Gamma 2 1st place: Vulnerable – 2 weeks access to KGS Plus

Delta 1st place: StarFox – 1 audio go lesson.

Most active kyu player : kurosoul – Teaching game with shinichi56
Kyu player with the best record: Hushfield – 1 month of Go Game World games subscription
Kyu player with the worst record: Curi – Teaching game with CGBspender

game of the month: NH3CH2COOH vs Eniwetok – 1 audio go lessons for NH3CH2COOH (only 1 prize per person).
Have a look of the game of the month here..

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