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ASR lecture – “To pincer or not to pincer” with Antti Törmänen (1 Dan Pro)



To pincer or not to pincer





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Antti Törmänen (1 Pro Dan)
Antti Törmänen (1 Pro Dan)




ASR teacher


Antti Törmänen (Finland / Japan)



7 Dan / since 2016: 1 Dan Pro



ASR league (level: 15kyu – 1Dan)



15 February 2014


visit Antti’s profile (CV) here



online (KGS Go server)



Antti Törmänen is a top player from Finland (and former teacher of the NGA – Nordic Go League) along with Su Yang and Juri Kuronen. He went to Japan to study go as an insei  in the famous Nihon Ki-in (Tokyo), where he became professional 1 dan in April 2016.

What is a pincer? – A “pincer” is defined as a “response to a corner approach move which pressures the approaching stone from both sides”, i.e. pincers it. In this lecture our ASR teacher explains when to pincer and when not to with practical examples from real games.

You will learn a lot of joseki patterns and special techniques to adapt best to each situation. – Have fun studying GO !

Examples: good pincer vs bad pincer


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