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ASR lecture – “Invasions” with Juri Kuronen (6D)

ASR teacher: Juri Kuronen, 6 Dan (EGF)Juri-Kuronen-profile-picture
topic: Invasions
format: text based (chat)
length (playtime): n.n.
event: free (all leagues)
date: January 18th, 2014
place: KGS Go server
1st ASR lecture by a member of Nordic Go Academy. The NGA was closed in summer 2015.

Juri Kuronen is a Finnish 6 dan, known in KGS and most other go servers as Namii.

Besides winning several local tournaments, he represented Finland 3 times in the KPMC (in 2010 placing 9th, 2012 placing 8th and 2013 placing 15th.) He also represented Finland in the 33rd World Amateur Go Championship, finishing 7th overall.

Juri was one of the main teachers at the Nordic Go Academy (NGA) and has participated as a teacher in the *Experience Go in China* program in 2011 and in the Nordic Go Academy Summer Camp 2013 and 2014. He participated in the 1st European Pro Qualification 2014 (Source: Sensei’s Libary).

As a teacher, Juri Kuronen likes to emphasize reading practice for improvement. The theme for today’s lecture is “invasions“. Our teacher prepared two common situations and will be showing common moves and techniques to handle them.

Part 1 :


Download SGF


Part 2 :


Download SGF


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