Ruestyle's super simul!

Ruestyle 7d AGA will do a simul in the ASR on saturday june 15th at 17:00 GMT.These are the rules: – 45 minutes main time and 5×1 min byo yomi for the players with japanese rules.

  • Ruestyle gets 10 minutes extra for every player that signs up. Every player has to manually add time to him.
  • Handicap will be go down 1 per every 10 players with 6d as starting rank. example: if 23 players sign up, handicap will be like you are playing a 4d.

If you would like to join in the simul, please leave a message to Hellsflame with your rank. If you have not signed up, you will not be admitted to the simul!! There is NO MAXIMUM on the number of sign ups, so lets set a record!

Please be online at least 15 minutes before the simul starts so you are not late to the party. Also be advised that you need to reserve a couple of hours for the game because of the number of participants.

Signed up players:

  • randomID 4D (No show)
  • EeveeM 3d (No show)
  • humblelife 1D (No show)
  • Leothelion 1D (Played)
  • TimK 1k (No show)
  • hernan1987 1k (No show)
  • UFO 2k (Played)
  • Echtinale 2k (Played)
  • oceandrop 3k (Played)
  • rukis 3k (Played)
  • Trethtzer 3k (Played)
  • soutkin 4k (No show)
  • GreyGhost 4k (No show)
  • NH3CH2COOH 4k (Played)
  • rpchuang 4k (Played)
  • Vulnerable 4k (No show)
  • Jermelle 5k (No show)
  • hailthorn 6k (No show)
  • kalin1 6k (No show)
  • ChristianB 7k (Played)
  • TCJ 12k (No show)
  • mac48 14k (Played)

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