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ASR lecture – “Reducing Moyo” with Cornel Burzo (6D)

ASR teacher: Cornel G. Burzo, 6 dan (EGF) topic: Reducing Moyos format: text based (chat) event: Gamma league date: n.n. May 2013 place: KGS Go server Here you will find a complete lecture about how to reduce a moyo by a strong Romanian player; Cornel Burzo, 6 dan EGF. Our teacher goes into different categories of reduction such as maintaining territorial balance, limiting a moyo, probing the opponent’s reaction, expanding own moyo, preparing an invasion, mutual reduction, build the middle area, taking aim at defects in opponent’s shape, reinforcing weak stones, maintaining the balance of influence and finally making preparation for an attack. Take your time to go through all the knowledge in this lecture. From 15k to 3d. Have fun studying !


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